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Recently we were lucky to have Glenn Jaggard from Copper Cane provisions stop by on a Saturday and pour some of his favorite wines. Glenn is the Regional Manager for Copper Cane, a project of Joe Wagner who previously worked with his father making wine at Caymus, not a bad job to have. Now Joe has made his own name in California wine with labels such as Belle Glos, Quilt Steorra, and more. Wanting to push the envelope they expanded the Copper Cane provisions brand to include not just wine but also cigars and a swimwear line. That’s more than enough to keep Glenn busy.



Events like this are awesome for the opportunity to scratch much deeper into the wine. Sure most people were familiar with Belle Glos Pinot Noir but they were many that didn’t know that the same guys also make “Steorra”,a sparkling Pinot Noir/ Chardonnay in the style of Champagne. Surprising quality at great price, it was a big hit. Our customers really enjoyed talking with Glenn and they were shocked how great our prices are on these products. We’ll be doing quite a few special events over the next four months including a West Coast Big Boutique Red tasting at the end of September. Don’t miss out on the fun!


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