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One of my favorite people to taste with has always be my Mom. When she comes to visit me we always like to try new things together. Particularly food and wine. For her last night in town we had planned to go into DC together so we could both try Poke for the first time. When the day came around we were both a bit sick of going out. She had been visiting friends and going out every day and I had to work till 8. So we decided to get something nice and eat in. It is hard to describe how wonderful it is to come home to a fresh cooked meal on the table. Right when I opened the door I could smell the deliciousness. Since we were not going out to experience a new style of food, Poke, I wanted to come home with a wine that was new for the both of us.

For the last couple years I had been told to try wines from Txakolina. They are known for their whites and rose. Txakolina wines are from the Spanish Basque country. So on the way out of the store I grabbed a Bodegas Gorka Izagirre, Basque white wine. The high acidity in this wine makes it a “food” wine. I knew my Mom had never tried one before so it was the perfect wine to try for the first time together.


One of the reasons she is my favorite person to taste with is that She is completely open and honest about each wine we try. When I was in distribution many of the flavor profiles or notes I told customers about would come from her. After trying the wine we decided that is was high acid with nice bright, tangy citrus, like tangerine and orange.

We both have a soft spot for white wines. So even though we had steak, it was a great pairing. Not because it was the best pairing for the food but It was the best pairing for us that night. For me situation and context are more important to pair to than specific flavor profiles. We had a delicious dry white wine and steak and salad. From the comfort of home we went on a little wine adventure.



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