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As I was sitting outside in this heat grilling burgers for the family, I was debating whether to grab one of great beers that our beer buyer Kathy had suggested for me or whether I would have a bottle of wine.  I opted for both (thanks Kathy for the delicious South Street Brewery Lager) and as for the bottle of wine…..it was the 2015 Boislauzon Cotes du Rhone.

Cotes du Rhone have always been my go to red wine when I have been grilling and with 2015 being such a great year this wine did not disappoint.   Wonderful dark fruit, well integrated tannins playing off the fat of the lamb burgers (did I mention I was doing lamb burgers?) and great minerality keeping everything bright and fresh.   It was a perfect match with a delicious meal.
I always keep a good supply of what I call “Tuesday Night” wines in my wine rack and you should too.   Come chat with any of us about our favorite “Tuesday Night” wines.

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