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This week I was fortunate to have two days off in a row so I set off to the beach! My first day I had a full stress free day of bike riding, fishing and delicious seafood. Usually in an article about resiling I would stop here to talk about all the different ways I could pair the Manfred Riesling with my dinner of oysters, cod, shrimp, lobster and crabs. Anyone can look up the best ways to pair wine and food. I like to focus on what wines pair best with situations. This story is about the last day. Pairing wine with the day when you have to head home from vacation.

On the last day of a trip, our minds tend to start thinking about work and all the things we have to get done when we get home. I don’t know if this it has happened to you but, when it happens to me, it bums me out. So this time I decided to do something different… 

After breakfast I kicked back on a beautiful porch to enjoy the ocean view, listen to the birds n’ bugs and to have one last perfect getaway moment. No cars in sight or earshot, I couldn’t resist but put a cherry on top. A cold glass of Trocken Riesling. Ummm Umm, not sweet but dry, zesty and full of life. Serenity.

The classic breakfast(brunch) wine is always considered to be  Champagne but sometimes it’s nice to keep things a little simpler with a screw top bottle. Now don’t get me wrong, I adore bubbles but they can go to your head. Which I was not in the mood for, as it was my last day off, and later I would have to head home, clean my apartment, and prep for the work week ahead. So one delicious glass before a little fishing and heading home.

Now the beauty of the Manfred Trocken dry riesling is it comes in a liter bottle with a screw cap! There is enough for my perfect glass in the morning, and after a long day of traveling I still have a whole bottle’s worth of wine for my girlfriend and I to have with dinner. Being a Riesling I could eat almost anything with it. I landed on a simple meal of baked spaghetti squash, boiled cauliflower and stir fry ground beef.  I made a simple gravy from the water left over from the cauliflower and added some parsley, salt, pepper and garlic. A nice little feast. The beautiful part was after a whole day of traveling home, unpacking, and preparing for the week ahead that glass of Riesling brought me right back to my perfect moment in the morning. Serenity now! 

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